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General information

  1. Sprungle shop is owned by the company PicartFrame s.c.
  2. All contractual relationships between PicartFrame s.c. and its clients are subject to general commercial terms and conditions applied by PicartFrame s.c. Any deviations from these rules are only considered when they have been previously agreed upon by the parties in writing or are explicitly stated in these general commercial terms and conditions. Any oral promises of the offerent, their representatives or other authorised persons must be confirmed in writing by PicartFrame s.c. in order to be reliable. Due to the international business contacts of the offerent, these general commercial terms and conditions have been translated into several languages. Should there be any inconsistencies between the original Polish version and a translated text, the Polish version will prevail.
  3. The Client commits to fill in the order form with complete and correct data (name, address etc.). The Client shall be responsible for any damage resulting from providing false data.
  4. In the event that any one the provisions of these general commercial terms and conditions shall be or become invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.

Registration of users

  1. Registration in the system is free of charge and happens automatically in the moment of purchase. The client may not demand access to our system. Purchases may only be made by legally capable persons. While registrating, the client must give their email address and password. The client commits not to reveal thier passwod to any third parties.

  2. Besides the acceptance of these general commercial terms and conditions, the registration does not involve any other committments.

The conclusion of a contract

  1. The images and all other products presented by PicartFrame s.c. in the Internet or in other media do not consitute a sales offer but are only meant to invite the client to submit their purchase offers. A purchase offer may be made via an online from prepared by PicartFrame s.c.
  2. The offered products are only sample patterns. The client does not receive an original image but a copy, consistent with the sample, prepared on a chosen media and according to the chosen technique. Upon the reception of a payment receipt, the offered products are individually printed according to the client’s order and/or corrected if needed.
  3. Each ordered item must be configured by the client the way they wish. The client should look at all the configuration options and condsider the total price. All the prices always include VAT, but do not include the cost of delivery.
  4. The contract is not stored separately by PicartFrame s.c. Order details are given to the client in the order confirmation sent by email. The currently binding commercial terms and conditions are available online at http://www.sprungle.pl
  5. Orders made by the client are accepted only subject to the currently binding terms and conditions and prices. The invoice is issued on the basis of the price as at the day of the order. All prices include VAT (now 23%) and the cost of delivery.
  6. When changes are introduced at PicartFrame s.c.’s websites, all the prices and any other data included therein become invalid.
  7. The time and quantity of the offer is limited. If the quantity or time limit of the offer has been exceeded, the client may not claim delivery.


  1. The payment for goods may be made in advance by credit card, a bank transfer to the given bank account number or in PayPal system.
  2. Cash or cheques are not accepted.
  3. We do not take any responsibility for cash sent by post.
  4. In certain cases, PicartFrame s.c. may accept or refuse to accept certain forms of payment.


  1. The goods are delivered as long as they are available in stock. In the event when it is not possible to deliver a product or a group of products, PicartFrame s.c. commits to immediately inform their clients about that. If the client has already paid for the goods, they will be immediately reimbursed.
  2. The approximate order delivery date is stated next to each product. This time is calculated from the moment when SPRUNGLE receives full payment for the goods. Orders with different delivery dates are dispatched when the order is complete, i.e. at the latest of the given delivery dates. Some orders might be sent separately, especially if their size exceeds typical courier packages.
  3. The delivery is made in accordance with the order price and delivery cost given in the Internet order. Delivery costs differ from country to country and do not refer to overseas shipping. There are additional charges for overseas shipping.
  4. Transport and any other packaging are not returnable, as per the packaging guidelines. The client commits to dispose properly of the packaging at their own expense. '
  5. A fixed delivery charge is added to each ordered product as per the price list available online at www.sprungle.pl.
  6. In the case of delivery to non-EU countries, the client commits to pay all customs charges applicable in this country, including the fee for customs clearance.
  7. If the delivered goods do not match the order and the discrepancy is attributable to our company, the client shall give us additonal two weeks to execute the order. The client may not withdraw from the contract in any other cases.
  8. Goods cannot be collected personally.

Damage during transport

  1. If the packaging or the contents of the delivery is visibly damaged, the client should complain to the forwarder/carrier. The client should refuse to accept the delivery and immediatly contact PicartFrame s.c. by mail, fax or post.
  2. Should the client discover any hidden defects, they should immediately inform PicartFrame s.c.
  3. Shortening the statutory claim expiration period is not connected with these regulations.

Limited liablity

  1. Considering the current state of technology, we cannot guarantee fautless and constant communication by the Internet. We do not take responsibility for ensuring a constant access to our online system or for technical or electronic errors occuring while making a purchase, which we cannot influence. In particular, it refers to delayed order processing.
  2. PicartFrame s.c. presents at their websites links to other Internet websites. There is one rule applying to all these websites: PicartFrame s.c. firmly states that they do not have any influence on the appearance and contents of these websites. Therefore, the company hereby decalares that they do not treat the websites whose links are published at www.sprungle.pl as their property. This declaration refers to all the published links and theirs contents.

The right to withdraw from the contract

  1. The client may withdraw from the contract within 10 days from goods reception by sending a written notice (e.g. a letter, a fax or an email) or by returning the ordered goods without the necessity of justifying such a withdrawal. The withdrawal is only possible if a notice or the purchased goods are sent in due time.
  2. The form for contract withrawal notice should be addressed to: PicartFrame s.c., ul.3-go Maja 19A, 17-100 Bielsk Podlaski or email: contact@sprungle.pl
  3. Consequences of withdrawal:
  4. If the client properly withdraws from the purchase contract, they should return the goods. If the client is not able to return the received goods in whole or in part or returns the goods in a deteriorated condition, they are obliged to reimburse their value. The above does not apply to the goods returned because of the defects which could only be discovered after the reception of goods. The value of goods may only be returned providing the returned goods have not been used (used goods become the property of the client) and providing the client has not attempted to deteriorate the value of the goods. The Client commits to cover the costs of return delivery. The goods returned without the delivery costs paid will not be accepted. The client must meet all their obligations related to returning the goods within 30 days from sending a withdrawal notice.
  5. Exceptions:
  6. If not agreed otherwise, there is no possiblity to withdraw from the following contracts:
    • contracts related to the delivery of goods which have been tailor-made especially for the client (including photo wallpaper, pictures, posters from the photo gallery of SPRUNGLE)
    • contracts related to the goods which have been ordered and will be used by corporate entites.


  1. The warranty period is one year. In the case of legal actions in which the consumer does not particpate or in the case of buying used goods, the warranty period is one year.
  2. PicartFrame s.c. shall not be held liable for insignificant discrepancies between the ordered and the delivered goods. In the case of printouts on canvas, posters, photo wallpapers and pictures, slight colour differences from the model patterns as well as the discrepancies resulting from the other format, paper quality and surface are inavoidable for technial and production reasons. This kind of discrepancies do not entitle the client to lodge a complaint.
  3. To make their products, PicartFrame s.c. uses the materials which are generally available on the market. In the case of printouts, paints, materials, light resistance etc., the liablity covers only the avarage working life of these products.
  4. The client commits to inform the company by mail, fax or post about any possible complaints related to wrong deliveries or visible defects within two weeks form the moment of goods reception.
  5. The warranty period lasts one year and starts on the day when the client receives the given goods.
  6. In the case when the purchase of goods is for both parties a commercial transaction, the client is obliged, whenever possible, to check the goods immediately upon their reception. Should their be any defects, the client must immediately report them. If the client has not reported any defects, the goods are considered to have been accepted unless the defect was not visible while checking the delivery. If the defect is revealed later on, it should be reported upon discovery. Otherwise, the goods will be considered to have been accepted. These rules do not apply to the situation when a defect is not reported on purpose. To enjoy all their consumer rights, the client must only report the defect in due time.
  7. If, in order to complete the delivery, PicartFrame s.c. supplies a product which is free of defects, the client may be asked to return the faulty goods.
  8. If, during the assembly or while using the products, the client causes any damage caused due to their improper or inconsistent with the contract actions, they cannot lodge any claims to PicartFrame s.c. Such improper or inconsistent with the contract actions are specified in the information given by the producer of goods.

Title retention clause

  1. Title to the goods remains vested in PicartFrame s.c. until the purchase price has been paid in full by the client.
  2. When the client sells the goods owned by PicartFrame s.c., they commit at the same time to take over the responsibility for claims arising under the title retention clause.
  3. The client commits to inform immediately about any incidents involving third parties trying to take over the goods owned by PicartFrame s.c.
  4. The goods owned by PicartFrame s.c. may only pledged, transfered etc. with a prior written consent granted by PicartFrame s.c.


  1. PicartFrame s.c. has the right to withdraw from the contract if a part of the delivery or service has not been carried out due to the client giving false information relating to their good credit standing or due to some objective reasons related to the client’s liqudity and if the client, despite being asked to do so by PicartFrame s.c., has not made a prepayment or provided adequate declarations. It also applies to the situations when the client has filed for bankruptcy or their application to start bankruptcy proceedings has been rejected due to the inadequate asset coverage.
  2. Irrespective of PicartFrame s.c.’s claim for damages, in the case of a partial withdrawal from the contract, the provided services must be settled and paid for adequately to the actual state of affairs as at the date of withdrawal from the contract.

Data protection

  1. The personal data we receive from the client is protected pursuant to the Act on Personal Data Protection dated 29.08.1997 (Journal of Laws No. 133 item 883) so that third parties have no access to this data.
  2. The personal data we receive from the client will only be used to perform the purchase contract (e.g. to deliver the goods to the given address) unless it is necessary to explain or amend the contract. Using the client’s personal data for advertising or marketing purposes or in order to prepare business offers require a prior explicit consent of the client. The client may grant such a consent before placing an order. The consent, whose form is available at our websites, is given voluntarily and may be cancelled at all times.
  3. The personal data we receive from the client, which is necessary for the execution of placed orders, will only be used to perfrom purchase contracts. The usesr’s data include particular features which allow for the identification of users, specify particular deadlines and scopes of usage and describe telecommunication services the client has used. The user’s data will be processed by us for marketing purposes in order to do market research which will help us to improve our telecommunication services and create the profiles of users, who most often use nicknames. The client may refuse to grant consent for his user’s data being processed in this way.
  4. In order to obtain additional information or refuse the processing of personal data or user’s data, the client must address PicartFrame s.c. in writing (by email, fax or post).


  1. The products sold by PicartFrame s.c. are covered by copyright all over the world. The client or any third parties are not entitled to produce, disseminate or copy PicartFrame s.c.’s products.
  2. Each incident of using or obtaining profits from the work of PicartFrame s.c. requires their prior written consent., which may be granted only for a particular period of time and for a particular purpose. Pursuant to the copyright law, unless otherwise stipulated, the fact of possessing the work or transferring the ownership is not related to any additional rights to use or obtain profits from this work. This rule refers in particular to official exhibitions.
  3. PicartFrame s.c. reserves the right to demand adequate compensation for using their work or obtaining profits from it.
  4. Without prejudice to the provision of item 5.2., if a consent has been granted to organize an official exhibition, this consent covers the information related to the given work and the right to reproduce the work on posters, invitations, in the Internet and in the exhibition catalogue.
  5. The available resources (pictures, slides, texts and other) may only be published upon the consent of PicartFrame s.c. and with their company name.
  6. For the matters which are not regulated by this paragraph, the provisions of the Act on Copyright and Related Rights dated 4 February 1994 shall apply (Journal of Laws of 2006 No.90 item 631 as amended).

Final provisions

  1. Any conflicts arising under a purchase contract shall be resolved by the court having jurisdiction over the seat of PicartFrame s.c.
  2. For the matters which are not regulated by these Rules and Regulations, the provisions of the Civil Code or other acts referring to internet shops shall apply.
  3. The shop reserves the right to amend these Rules and Regulations. Any amendments to these Rules and Regulations become valid on the day they are published at http://www.sprungle.pl.

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